TeensTue. May 23, 2017

Build a Better Teen Night

School's out, reading's in! This Thursday at 6pm, come as we get ready for Summer with our Start of Summer party. We will have games, food, prizes and more. Take this opportunity to sign up early for summer reading, and for a chance to win cool prizes! And don't forget:

AdultsTue. May 23, 2017

The Action Hero (Heroes Part 3)

    The Action Movie is defined by car chases, martial arts, gunfights, spectacular stunts, and lots of things blowing up. The Action Hero has to pull off all of this and look convincing doing it.  All movies have some kind of action, but the Action Hero as a specific type of movie

TeensTue. May 23, 2017

World Turtle Day

TeensSat. May 13, 2017

Poetry Winner

Our Teen Poetry Contest was won by Caleb, for his poem, Death in a Case which I've posted, along with others, in the Teen Scene. Come check them out!Also check out our programs next week:Monday, 6:30 pm: Teen Craft: Rick Krispie TreatsThursday, 6:00 pm: Teen Game Night.Still taking Summer Reading

TeensWed. May 10, 2017

Neverending Movie Post

Teen Movie this Thursday at 6pm. Ages 13-18.Teen Movie Night, first two Thursdays of each month. Come back a week from Thursday for Third Thursday Game Night, then in two weeks it's a Summer Reading Party before we officially Kick off Summer Reading on Saturday, June 3rd. Stay tuned!