AdultsWed. Jun 14, 2017


  The Rogers Public Library will be having a two week marathon of the best in superhero movies beginning Saturday June 24 with Iron Man.  The first week of superhero movies will run from Saturday June 24 through June 29 with the second week running from Saturday July 22 through Wednesday July 26. 

AdultsTue. May 23, 2017

The Action Hero (Heroes Part 3)

    The Action Movie is defined by car chases, martial arts, gunfights, spectacular stunts, and lots of things blowing up. The Action Hero has to pull off all of this and look convincing doing it.  All movies have some kind of action, but the Action Hero as a specific type of movie

AdultsThu. May 04, 2017


Did you know... ... that librarians across the country work together every month to recommend great new reads for you? It’s true!  LibraryReads is a cooperative project of library workers all over the U.S. to share the new titles they are most excited about.  It’s simple: volunteers read advance copies of forthcoming

AdultsThu. Apr 27, 2017

Rise of the Antihero (Heroes Part 2)

   The antihero archetype goes back to the dawn of literary antiquity.  In Greek Drama antiheroes were common protagonists, but always in tragedies; and the antihero’s flaws inevitably led to the antihero’s downfall. This type of tragic antihero has also been common in cinema.  Gangster movies in the 1930s and 1940s are prime examples.  Jimmy Cagney in Public Enemy (1931)

AdultsTue. Apr 04, 2017

When There Were Heroes

American Movie Heroes Part 1     Once upon a time, Hollywood made movies with heroes; heroes that were role models, heroes that inspired, and heroes every man wanted to be - or wanted his son to be, or wanted his daughter to marry. The first great Hollywood Heroes were “Swashbucklers”.  The Oxford