AdultsWed. Jul 03, 2019

July “What’s New?”

Riley Sager’s newest thriller, Lock Every Door, begins with Jules Larsen accepting a job as an apartment sitter at the illustrious and mysterious Bartholomew building. Desperately in need of money and a fresh start, Jules agrees to the strict rules of her new position. Jules is settling into her new

AdultsTue. Jul 02, 2019

RBdigital, or, What to do When the Wait List is Too Long

Looking for a popular book and it is not currently available? Try RBdigital eBooks to see if it’s there. Here are a few of the titles that have been recently added:

AdultsMon. Jul 01, 2019

Good Pets Make Better People

From The Art of Raising a Puppy (1991) to Hands-On Senior Horse Care (2001), Rogers Public Library has loads of information to help you take care of the animals you love. We are also lucky to have a large collection of resources that help us take care of ourselves. From

AdultsSat. Jun 22, 2019

Adult & Teen Writing Workshop

When Life Gives You Lemons… …Write A Memoir! You’ve lived through a lot: good, bad, happy, sad, exciting, scary, inspiring… and all of it makes for good stories. This July, the Rogers Public Library writing group is opening up to adults for a special memoir-writing workshop on July 20, 2019, at 1:00 pm

AdultsFri. Jun 14, 2019

Summers @RPL aren’t just for kids!

Even as we slow down a bit to enjoy the beautiful weather, the Rogers Public Library still offers adults many opportunities for entertainment, enrichment, and inspiration: Still feeling stressed? Joshua Duncan offers tips and techniques for managing stress and healthy reactions on Saturday mornings.  Remaining programs include “Grounding Skills” (July