AdultsTue. Apr 04, 2017

When There Were Heroes

American Movie Heroes Part 1     Once upon a time, Hollywood made movies with heroes; heroes that were role models, heroes that inspired, and heroes every man wanted to be - or wanted his son to be, or wanted his daughter to marry. The first great Hollywood Heroes were “Swashbucklers”.  The Oxford

AdultsWed. Mar 08, 2017


The Rogers Public Library will have a Hayao Miyazaki film festival which will start on Saturday March 18 at 2:00 and run through Thursday March 23.  The Library will show six of Miyazaki’s best feature length films.  Miyazaki is the most famous director and producer of feature length Anime.  His

AdultsMon. Mar 06, 2017

Event Highlight: Author Visit

Plot Your Way to Success Do you want to know where authors get ideas? How to develop convincing and yet surprising twists?  What to do when you get stuck? New York Times-bestselling author April Henry will be visiting the Library Tuesday March 28 at 6:00pm in the Friends of the Library Community

AdultsSun. Mar 05, 2017

Event Highlight: Spring Break Anime Film Festival

Beginning on Saturday March 18, the Library will be showing six of Hayao Miyazaki’s best known feature length movies.  Admission is free.  Everyone is welcome.  Come join us for the fantasy, magic, and wonder of the very best in animated film. Many people would consider Hayao Miyazaki to be the greatest

AdultsSat. Mar 04, 2017

Event Highlight: Community Expo 2017

Join us for the first of the 2017 Geek events: Community Expo #NWArocks. We want to continue to expand and show off the wonderful things that Rogers & Northwest Arkansas have to offer, by bringing together civic departments from the City of Rogers and additional regional organizations. The Library will