AdultsMon. Jul 24, 2017

Anime vs. Manga

You may hear the words anime and manga used interchangeably to mean something like “Japanese-style animation.”  But they are actually distinct art forms.  Manga, from the Japanese word for “drawing,” refers to the static graphic narratives that in the U.S. might be referred to as “graphic novels.”  Anime (from animation)

AdultsTue. Jul 11, 2017


Looking for a way to help give back this summer? We have a shelf for you! Help us keep your library neat and organized by joining our new Adopt-a-Shelf team. Volunteers will be assigned a section of the library collection to monitor, making certain that books/movies are in the correct location.

AdultsFri. Jul 07, 2017

Resource Updates: OneClickdigital & Zinio for Libraries

OneClickdigital and Zinio for Libraries have been rebranded; they are now RBdigital and RBdigital magazines, with a new look to match the new names. Their new, redesigned, app now combines eAudiobooks, eBooks, and eMagazines in a single app. The RBdigital collection gives access to over 7000 best-selling eAudiobook titles, including great

AdultsThu. Jun 29, 2017

Age of the Superhero

Superheroes are primarily thought of as comic book stars but the superhero is actually a multimedia phenomenon with roots going back to newspaper comic strips. Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and the Phantom all began as newspaper comic strips.  It was the Phantom, introduced in 1936, that was the first famous

AdultsWed. Jun 14, 2017


  The Rogers Public Library will be having a two week marathon of the best in superhero movies beginning Saturday June 24 with Iron Man.  The first week of superhero movies will run from Saturday June 24 through June 29 with the second week running from Saturday July 22 through Wednesday July 26.