TeensWed. Aug 01, 2018

YA Week!

It's #YAWeek! What's YA, you ask? Well, it stands for Young Adult, but you don't have to be a young adult to enjoy YA books! Some of the most awesome books out there are geared towards a YA audience--or to people who love YA. Goodreads has created a blog post of

TeensTue. Jul 31, 2018

Teen STEAM Night: Robot Meet & Greet

RPL would like you to meet Ollie, Evo, and Sphero, our resident robots. The Teen Scene is having a little mix and mingle to introduce them. Come say “hi,” "10010001101001," or “brbzrpptz” (they're multilingual), and schmooze with other robo-geeks. Join us on August 23rd at 6:00PM in the Friends of

TeensMon. Jul 30, 2018

Novels in Verse

You don’t have to love poetry to enjoy novels in verse. Most are written in free verse, a loose, easy-to-read form that seems more like restructured prose than Shakespeare or Wordsworth. Think of it this way: The author takes a great story and focuses on the guts by cutting out

TeensTue. Jul 03, 2018

Teen Self-Defense Course

It was a dark and stormy night… Did your internal alarms go off? Did you look around, get your forearms up? Good! Awareness is step one in self-defense. Here’s the thing: bright and sunny summer days are also times when scary stuff happens. July 18-20 (W-F), Officer Keith Foster from the Rogers

AdultsTue. Jul 03, 2018

Streaming Music Now Available @ RPL

Rogers Public Library is now providing patrons the ability to stream entire albums every day as part of its free online music offering with Freegal® Music Service. The new initiative, part of Freegal 5.0, will allow cardholders of the Rogers Public Library increased access to over 15 million songs from recording