TeensSun. Dec 02, 2018

New Books for Teen Series

The Teen Scene has had an influx of series expanding books! If you are following a series, check out our new items to find some great reading for these dreary days. If you’re looking for something new, read on to find a new obsession. Twisted Tales, Liz Braswell This series involves retelling

AdultsThu. Nov 01, 2018

Tumble Book Cloud

Looking for another source for eBooks and audiobooks? Try Tumble Book Cloud. It is perfect for middle school, high school, and young adults. Tumble Book Cloud is an online database of eBooks and audiobooks plus Graphic Novels, Enhanced Novels, and National Geographic videos. You will find classics, poetry, short stories, and Shakespeare.

TeensWed. Oct 31, 2018

Write a Novel in November!

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a month-long event that gets the fires burning in a writer’s heart—or fingers—or whatever other part of the anatomy needs to get a move on to meet their goal! It’s great for establishing an ongoing writing practice and for learning how to just let

AdultsFri. Oct 12, 2018

NaNo Party – Writing Workshop

Adult and teen writers join us for a special guest workshop on October 20. J. Jobe will be trekking up from Little Rock to throw a NaNo Party at RPL!!! November is National Novel Writing Month, and Jobe will be gearing us up to take on the challenge with how-to’s,

TeensWed. Oct 03, 2018

Creepy Kitchen Chemistry

Rogers Public Library Teens will be mixing up some magical mayhem with Chem for our STEAM Night in October. We at the Teen Scene got a little envious about all the slime time going on over in Children’s during Summer Reading this year, and we wanted to join in the