AdultsThu. Aug 08, 2013

R.I.P. Elizabeth Peters / Barbara Michaels / Barbara Mertz

The publishers William Morrow announced today on their Facebook page: It is with great sadness we relay the news that our beloved author, Barbara Mertz, (a.k.a. Elizabeth Peters) passed away this morning at the age of 85. Under her pseudonym as Barbara Michaels she has written twenty-nine novels of suspense. As Elizabeth

AdultsWed. Jun 26, 2013


Welcome to BOOKS, BONES AND BEYOND Welcome to the RPL Blog for adults. Here you will receive tidbit information to brighten your day and illuminate your mind. Announcements pertaining to the Rogers Public Library and adult programming; and tips on doing your genealogy. Not neccessarily in that order. Aug 13, 2013   Genealogy Tip for

AdultsMon. Jun 17, 2013

How To Read A Poem

If you're a dedicated genre fiction reader, like me, poetry may seem scary and intimidating to read. Where's the plot?  Who are the characters?  Shouldn't this come with a map in the front or a glossary in the back? Never fear, funny lady Katie Burgess is on your side, to help you get

AdultsMon. Jun 17, 2013


Pretty much my head exploded after I started looking at movie comedies.  I went to a list of the top 100 funniest movies from the American Film Institute (AMI) because they use solid criteria from people who work in the movie industry.  It’s a great list.  Every one of the

AdultsSun. Jun 16, 2013

Dying is easy. Comedy is hard

“Dying is easy, comedy is hard” is supposedly a death bed quote attributed to character actor Edmund Gwenn.  When director and screenwriter George Seaton visited Gwenn as he lay in bed ill, George Seaton said to Gwenn “This must be terribly difficult for you.”  Edmund Gwenn is supposed to have