Teen STEAM Night: Robot Meet & Greet

Teen STEAM Night: Robot Meet & Greet

RPL would like you to meet Ollie, Evo, and Sphero, our resident robots. The Teen Scene is having a little mix and mingle to introduce them. Come say “hi,” “10010001101001,” or “brbzrpptz” (they’re multilingual), and schmooze with other robo-geeks. Join us on August 23rd at 6:00PM in the Friends of RPL Community Room.

Hot Enough to Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk

It’s hot out, and yes, I’ve always wanted to try an egg on a hot sidewalk – the experiment, not eat one.  When I was younger, much much younger, my brother and I did what we could to stay cool.  Sometimes we got lucky, and the parents decided staying inside was okay.  Most times, our parents wanted us outside, playing – the normal kid thing to do during the summer time.  We’d run through sprinklers, fling ourselves down a Slip’n Slide, or find shade to make up insane plans for world domination (getting back inside) while we sipped overly sweet lemonade we’d proudly made before being sent outside.  On occasion, we did try to sell the aforementioned lemonade to the neighborhood – we usually ended up drinking that as well (quality control).

About once a week, probably more, we’d have a break in the mandatory outside time.  We’d get to go to our local library branch.  It wasn’t large, and there weren’t many programs going on at the time.  Yet, it was nice and cool, and we got to find new places to explore, conquer, or just enjoy.  We met new people, found new foods to try, and got more than one giggle out of the whole thing.

As I got older, the library has provided free wifi, free movies/tv, and free programming.  It’s a good place to get away from the heat and the busy world outside.  It’s a good place to find many things you might need.

So, thank you for supporting the library with your local tax dollars so that we can support you, whether it be with free entertainment, serious research information, or even respite from extreme heat or cold. We’re happy to be able to help you in many ways!