September is Self-Improvement Month!

September is Self-Improvement Month!

With endless benefits for the mind, body, and wanderlust spirit, learning another language is a great way to discover more about ourselves and our place in this world. So we’re setting language learning goals for National Self-Improvement Month! Join us and start your language learning journey with Mango. You can also read about Five Unique Characteristics You’ll Develop By Learning Another Language.

Stay Motivated

Positive lifestyle habits are by nature ambitious endeavors, but staying motivated and maintaining momentum may prove more difficult. What made you crave jumping into a new language? Mango’s 30 Days of Language Challenge is a daily support and reminder of why you fell in love with your language. Each day there’s a new task to work on in the language you’re studying. Stay motivated day after day to see your progress!

Set Goals

Mango’s new study reminders are a great way to receive personalized notifications to help you to meet your language-learning goals. You can take control of your language learning with our newest personalization feature, built to remind you when — and how often — you learn best.

You don’t need to study the same amount every time, just schedule any length of study at regular intervals; customize a study schedule completely centered around you.

Here’s how you set your study reminders:


Stay Focused

With so much of the world available to us on our handheld devices, distractions seem unavoidable. But with Mango’s mobile app, you can minimize the interruptions and stay focused on your language learning; download your lessons onto your devices and fear low connectivity no more. When your Mango lessons are downloaded you can continue to access them from wherever you are without using cellular or WiFi data.

Keep Going

Mango’s auto play feature allows you to study hands-free. With auto play you can study while cooking, walking the dog, driving, or doing any other activity where you’re unable to swipe between lesson slides. Keep going, continue to improve yourself, and most importantly — have fun!

Need help signing up?

Speak to a library staff member, or reach out to Mango at

Language is an Adventure; Happy self-improvement!

RBdigital ebooks and audiobooks will be available on the Libby app!

The Rogers Public Library will be moving our digital ebooks and audiobooks from RBdigital to the Libby app as part of our OverDrive collection on September 1, 2020. You will continue to be able to browse, borrow, and enjoy all the same great ebooks and audiobooks you loved in the RBdigital app, which are now available in Libby.

If you have already been enjoying the Libby app, there will be no change, other than you may notice even more great titles available for you to borrow.

Transition from RBdigital

If you currently have a book checked out in the RBdigital app, it will be available through the remainder of the lending period, so you can finish your title without disruption or risk of losing your place in the book. Holds will not be moved, but you may export your Transaction History from the Profiles section of the RBdigital website. You can then place holds on those titles in Libby.

For the time being, you can continue to use the RBdigital app to access magazines and comics.

Getting Started with Libby

Our library is proud to continue to offer you a wide selection of digital titles for you to access anytime, anywhere through Libby, the one-tap reading app.

For those who have not yet tried the Libby app, all you need to get started is your library card number and PIN number. The Libby app is easy to use. The app will guide you through the setup process and get you connected to our library in just a few minutes. You can find in-app support, or visit the Help site or Libby Academy within the app for assistance.

New to ebooks and audiobooks?

In just a few taps, you can start reading or listening instantly on your phone or tablet. The digital library is available 24/7 without leaving home and is free from our library. Choose from bestsellers, fiction, nonfiction, books for kids, and more. Download the Libby app to get started.