Let Us Pick Your Next Read!

Let Us Pick Your Next Read!

Do you miss the experience of browsing the library and finding something new? You want to pick up items, but you aren’t sure what you want? You now have the option to let us select items for you when you reserve an RPL Picks collection! RPL Picks are five items chosen by Rogers Public Library staff according to the age range and genre of your choice. Because these are broad genre listings and items are selected at random, they allow you to try out something you may not have picked for yourself.

RPL Picks will work like any other reserved item, but you don’t have to pick them out yourself! Place a hold on any of the RPL Picks categories and wait to be notified that your selection is available through our curbside pickup.

Adult Categories

Children Categories

Teen Categories

These items are considered normal check outs with normal due dates. All hold fees are being waived at this time, and a hold on an RPL Picks selection will only count as one of the five holds you can have at a time. Because of this you can only have one RPL Picks reserve per order, but you can select four additional items to pick up at the same time. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, let us look for you!

If there are specific subgenres or topics that you are interested in exploring, please contact the library and request a librarian to make recommendations tailored to your unique tastes.