What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

From John Henry, System Administrator:

John David Anderson – Minion – A quick little read about an adopted teenager with a superpower. He can make others do what he says but eye contact is required. The story is about the relationship with his Dad, the inventive genius and how that changes when a new superhero comes to town.

Also by the same author – Sidekicked – a teenager learning to be a sidekick at a school for those with powers. His powers are heightened senses (kinda lame but fun)

What We’re Reading

Lesley Kneriem, Reader Conversations Librarian:

What I’m Reading:  Charlie Stross, ANNIHILATION SCORE

The latest in his “Laundry Files” — think James Bond crossed with H P Lovecraft with a good dose of Douglas Adams — changes protagonists to feature Dominique “Mo” O’Brian:  music professor, combat epistemologist, and wielder of the demon-possessed soul-sucking violin as she reluctantly puts together a “super-hero” team for the British Home Office to avert — what else? — the End of the World.

What I Just Read:  Colleen Oakes, QUEEN OF HEARTS

Before ALICE IN WONDERLAND and “Off with her head!”, the Queen of Hearts was just an awkward, unloved Princess named Dinah. When her fierce father brings a hitherto unknown half-sister to Court, it sets off a sinister plot that threatens not only Dinah’s ambitions, but all of Wonderland, in this pitch-black horror-tinged fantasy.