AdultsFri. Jul 16, 2021

#RogersReads2021: Read A Fictional Retelling Of A Historical Event

From famous book clubs to film adaptations, historical fiction has been increasingly popular recently. This means that you shouldn’t have a problem finding a book to fulfill this month’s #RogersReads challenge to read a fictional retelling of a historical event. While “Historical Fiction” may seem like a restrictive genre, there’s

AdultsWed. Jul 07, 2021

Ice Cream

The scoop on Ice Cream: • The first appearance of ice cream in America was found in a letter by Maryland Governor William Bladen in 1744. • In 1790, George Washington spent approximately $200 for ice cream. • The hand crank ice cream maker was patented by Nancy Johnson in 1843. • The first

AdultsTue. Jun 29, 2021

July Take-It Make-It: Scarf

For July, the Adult Take-It Make-It project is hand-dyed silk scarves! These pretty scarves can be tucked around your collar, tied around a pony-tail, or used to decorate a handbag. Note: This project is messy and uses some potentially hazardous chemicals, so should NOT be done by children without adult supervision. Pick

AdultsMon. Jun 28, 2021

Art Workshop with Ibiyinka Alao

Join us for an art workshop with UN Arts Ambassador Ibiyinka Alao on July 17. Learn about Ibiyinka’s artistic process and his inspirations to create wonderful works of art. Then, Ibiyinka will guide participants to find their own inspirations and create their own watercolor art pieces. We will have 2 sessions,

AdultsFri. Jun 25, 2021

#RogersReads2021: Read A Book, Fiction Or Non-Fiction, About Nature

This month we are exploring the natural world with our #RogersReads challenge to read a book about nature. It’s a wide, wild world out there, so you have plenty of options! “Nature” can mean so many things. Plants, animals, rocks, minerals, and even fossils! You can read informational non-fiction books