AdultsMon. Jun 17, 2013

How To Read A Poem

If you're a dedicated genre fiction reader, like me, poetry may seem scary and intimidating to read. Where's the plot?  Who are the characters?  Shouldn't this come with a map in the front or a glossary in the back? Never fear, funny lady Katie Burgess is on your side, to help you get

AdultsMon. Jun 17, 2013


Pretty much my head exploded after I started looking at movie comedies.  I went to a list of the top 100 funniest movies from the American Film Institute (AMI) because they use solid criteria from people who work in the movie industry.  It’s a great list.  Every one of the

AdultsSun. Jun 16, 2013

Dying is easy. Comedy is hard

“Dying is easy, comedy is hard” is supposedly a death bed quote attributed to character actor Edmund Gwenn.  When director and screenwriter George Seaton visited Gwenn as he lay in bed ill, George Seaton said to Gwenn “This must be terribly difficult for you.”  Edmund Gwenn is supposed to have

AdultsThu. Jun 13, 2013

Snow White

For those of you come into the Rogers Public Library and check out our DVDs I’m the Guy-in-the-Suit and among other things I select the DVD and Blu-rays for the Adult collection.  My philosophy on purchasing DVDs is to buy the best DVDs I can with the money and space

AdultsTue. May 14, 2013

Love Mysteries? Check Out These Award Winners!

‘Tis the season for genre book awards, and two of the most prestigious mystery awards were recently announced. The Edgar (Edgar Allen Poe) Awards are awarded annually by the Mystery Writers of America to the best mystery fiction published in the U.S. during the previous year. The 2013 winners are: Best Novel: Live by