Temporary eCard Application

To support our community in Northwest Arkansas and give access to materials while we are closed to the public, we are offering the option to sign up for a temporary eCard account. This is a free temporary account that will allow you to use our digital resources if you do not already have an account with the Rogers Public Library.

When you complete and submit the form below, staff will review the form and create the account. You will receive a library card and PIN number by email in 1-3 business days. This account will remain active until May 31. We may extend this expiry date as needed if continued closure is required.  

When we reopen, you will be required to come to the library, verify your information, and provide proof of address in order to upgrade to a permanent card. If you live outside of the Rogers City limits, there will be a $15 a year non-resident fee that will be due at that time.

Have questions? Please call the Circulation Department at (479) 621-1152 ext. 3.

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