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The Rogers Public Library provides access to its Community Room and Board Room for use by area residents and groups based in Rogers. These rooms are available for use during the Library’s regular operating hours: due to the lack of a separate and designated entrance to Library Meeting rooms, use after regular operating hours will be subject to the availability of staff to monitor the building and with the approval of the Library Director or acting agent. Meeting Rooms are made available without regard to the political, religious or social views of the groups meeting therein. The Rogers Public Library, by granting permission for the use of its Meeting Rooms, does not imply endorsement of the room’s user(s) or of the user(s) beliefs, methods or goals.

1. Programming Priority

Library sponsored programs and Library related groups shall always receive first priority in scheduling meeting room time. All other eligible groups will be scheduled for meeting time on a first-come, first serve, time-available basis. There may be occasions when an existing meeting room reservation may have to be cancelled due to library programming. Every effort will be made to avoid this, however, the Library reserves the right to change meeting room times and locations if a conflict with Library programming should occur. There may be other unanticipated situations such as inclement weather, building maintenance and technical issues which may result in reservation cancellation. Every effort will be made to contact event sponsors and reschedule meetings when these events occur.

2. Meeting Room Restrictions and Procedures

General Rules for Groups Meeting in the Library

The Rogers Public Library shall not be used by any non-Library sanctioned group or individual for a mailing address, a mail drop, a telephone answering service, or a business office.

Groups are responsible for setting up and taking down tables and chairs or any physical change in the layout of the room; this includes cleaning up the kitchen, the emptying of trash receptacles, vacuuming of the carpet if needed, and the return of the room to its original configuration upon arrival so that any chairs and tables removed from the closet for the meeting must be returned to the closet. `The meeting room should be in the same condition when the group exits the building as it was when they entered. If there should be an issue with the meeting room when the group first arrives, someone from the group (preferably the group member listed on the room reservation) should notify reference staff on duty for assistance. Library meeting rooms are for the use of non-profit organizations. However for-profit groups may be considered if the essential purpose of their meeting is for training and/or to disseminate information at no charge to the public which may be of benefit to the public if a meeting room is available. For-profit groups should not solicit individuals during the course of a meeting held in the library for their businesses.

Settings of Library audio-visual and/or technical equipment available in the meeting rooms should not be changed by any group(s) using the facility, but they should request technical assistance from staff at the Information Desk when changes or adjustments are needed. Misuse and/or damage to library equipment may result in repair and/or replacement charges.

Commercial and profit making events are prohibited on the Library premises. The sale of merchandise, services or other materials is also prohibited. The Library Director, in consultation with the Library Board of Trustees, may permit profit-making events when those events are in support of, or sponsored by the library. Organizations may request special permission to charge for the cost of supplies, e.g., craft workshops.

2A. Occupancy
The maximum seated capacity of the Community Room is 144 persons with a total allowed occupancy of 230 persons. The maximum allowed occupancy of the Glotzbecker Conference Room is 20 persons.

2B. Open Meetings
All group meetings held at the Rogers Public Library must be open to the general public. Exceptions, such as the lawful administrative meetings of the library staff and the lawful executive sessions of the Library Board, must comply with both the letter and spirit of the federal and state Freedom of Information laws.

Essentially private functions such as recitals, family reunions, parties and weddings are not allowed in the meeting rooms, even if these are open to the public.

2C. Hours of Operation
Meeting rooms are available during the Library’s regular operating hours and may be available after hours by special arrangement. A Library staff member must be in the building while meeting rooms are occupied. A fee will be assessed for after-hours use.

2D. Conduct
The primary function of the library is to provide a quiet and serene environment wherein patrons may read, reflect, and gather information. Conduct which disrupts the primary function of the Library will not be permitted. Loud, obnoxious, or otherwise disturbing behavior which makes it difficult or impossible for Library patrons to enjoy the Library’s facilities will result in appropriate action to end the disturbance. Requests for meeting rooms may be rejected and those previously accepted may be rescinded, for violation of Library rules and regulations.

2E. Serial Meetings
Groups normally are limited to once per month use of Library meeting rooms except for Library-sponsored programs. Exceptions may be considered if, e.g., the group’s Board needs to meet separately from the general body meeting of the group and there is a room available.

3. Scheduling a Meeting Room

Meeting rooms may be scheduled no more than 90 days in advance. Exceptions to this rule may apply if the reservation is for a library sponsored program or for another city agency.

A room reservation may be requested online or by talking with a staff person at reference, either in person or on the phone. Reservations requested online are not confirmed until approved by Library staff even though the software has indicated that the room is available. The individual requesting the room whose name appears in the reservation as the contact person assumes all legal and financial responsibility for any damage that might occur to library meeting rooms, and/or equipment. Cleaning costs may also be incurred if the room is not cleaned up by the group and returned to its original condition.

Guidelines for Tutoring Rooms

Reservations and Use of Library’s Tutoring Rooms

Rogers Public Library tutoring rooms should be reserved at least one day in advance. Exceptions may be made for exam proctoring and Rogers Public Library needs. If a tutoring room has not been booked it will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Priority use of the tutoring rooms is for tutoring assistance and rooms may not be reserved in advance for individual study. However, if a room has not been reserved an individual may use it on a first come first serve basis.

Rogers Public Library partners with the Literacy Council of Benton County to improve literacy in Northwest Arkansas. Non-profit tutors associated with the Literacy Council will be given first choice of the tutoring rooms. Other non-profit tutors will be given second choice and for-profit tutors will be allowed use of the rooms if one is still available. Rogers Public Library holds the right to cancel or reschedule the use of any room.

Normally a daily schedule showing reservations for the tutoring rooms is posted at the tutoring room which can be checked for tutoring room availability. Also the individual may check with reference staff for information on the schedule.

Whiteboard Materials for Tutoring Rooms
Erasers and whiteboard markers are available at the Reference Desk. These items should be returned when the user’s session in a tutoring room concludes for the day.

Responsible Use of Rooms

Users are responsible for any damage that might occur to tutoring rooms and/or library materials located in the tutoring rooms during their use of the tutoring rooms possibly resulting in repair and/or replacement fees.

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