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Back to School – New Year, New Start

Jul 30, 2019

Whether you are looking forward to the new school year or dreading the return of stressful homework, a few simple steps will help you start and stay strong.

1. Get into a routine and stick to it. If you block off time in your calendar each day for studying, it will be easier to stay on top of your studies. Choose a time when you are less likely to feel tired or a time that doesn’t frequently conflict with other activities. Then, stick to it.
2. Start small.  If you’ve got a big assignment looming, like a research paper, stay motivated by completing a piece of the project every few days. Write one paragraph each night or do 5 algebra problems from your assignment at a time. Then, take a break.
3. Don’t stay stuck. If you feel confused on a concept, can’t work out a problem, or don’t know where to start on an assignment, ask for help right away.

An easy way to get the help you need for homework or studying is Tutor.com.  Tutor.com provides online, on-demand tutoring, homework help and test preparation and is free through the Rogers Public Library. Tutors are available every day from 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM CST to help in over 60 academic subjects.  To get started, just visit this website.

Remember, it is a new year, new start. You can do this! And, we’re here to help.