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Book Hunters

Sep 18, 2017

Today, September 18th, is National Hide a Book Day! There are a few rules below and then the clues are underneath that!
The library has hidden books throughout town at SIXTEEN local businesses and other places where people can hunt for them and be “Book Hunters.” We have posted clues on where to find the book bags below, so put your thinking caps on! Some businesses are opening in the afternoon, so, hopefully that will give more people a chance to hunt.
If you find the book, please come to this post and let us know that you’ve found it! Post a picture that you’ve found the book so we can mark it off the list and people can stop looking for it. Then, you can take the book and goodies home with you!
Feel free to post your photo on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtags #hideabookday, #RogersPublicLibrary, and #BookHunters. Also, tag the place you found the book bag so everyone knows how awesome those places are about teaming up with the library.
If you find a book bag, we ask that you let others have a chance to find goodies before you seek out more. You can also read the book and set it free again!
The goodies will be in a bag with our logo on it; a picture of our book bag can be found below the text.
The Children’s Library is also having their own Hide a Book Day adventures inside the Children’s Library. Be sure and see the Children’s librarians for clues!
Have fun hunting! And now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for.. THE CLUES!
1. Be sure to ask this place for a free edible cookie dough sample, you’ll experience pure bliss and get the goodie bag!
2. This is the cheesiest place around, but it’s still pretty cool to go eat at.
3. **FOUND AT AKiN’s Natural Foods** If you’re “achin’” for something natural, this is a place to go for fresh ingredients.
4. This whole place screams “Kawaii” and the staff is always so bubbly!
5. This place “takes pride” in the fact that you want to “sit, stay, and heel” with them.
6. There is a museum in Rogers where you can find out why BB guns couldn’t be made in the early 1940s. Tell the museum gift shop employee why and you’ll get the goodie bag!
7. If you want to visit the library’s best “Friends,” go here and ask the desk about the goodie bag.
8. When you want your morning drink to be a little “bolder,” go here and they’ll fix you up a cup.
9. It may seem strange to go to a farm animal for decorating advice, but walk in and this place will help you on the dot—er, spot.
10. This “noble” place is a great place to be surrounded by thousands of words for hours.
11. If you’re looking for loose leaf to fill your mug, this place fits you to a “T.”
12. If you’re wondering about the history of our town, this is a great place to start. You can also find a goodie bag here.
13. This cozy shop sells everything from old to new, antique to vintage. They probably sell the Barn door too!
14. If you hear the train a’comin’, but your nose is stuck in a book, you’re probably here.
15. You can’t see the mountains from here, but you can enjoy some local brew that’s made from hard work.
16. **HAS BEEN FOUND AT Yum Yo’s in Rogers** You can create your own YUMmy frozen concoction to satisfy yo’ sweet tooth here.