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May 5, 2016


The Rogers Public Library is showing Forbidden Planet (1956) for the Science Fiction Movie Marathon on Sunday May 8 at 2:00 in the Community Room.  Admission and refreshments are free.  The 1950’s are often called the “Golden Age of Science Fiction.”  In 1950 Sci-Fi became a hugely popular genre in movies.  American was booming, the space age, the nuclear age, and most importantly television was upon us.  Science Fiction was no longer pure fantasy.  Space travel and aliens  seemed very possible after WWII so SF themes were no longer just a plot device for Horror movies.  Destination Moon (1950), the first great SF movies of the 50’s was designed to be as scientifically accurate as possible.  The audience loved it and the movie even won an academy award for special effects.


Forbidden Planet (1956) is one of the best SF movies of the 50s.  The special effects are fantastic and although they are simple by today’s standards, they still stand up well.  Forbidden Planet (1956) was also the first movie to use entirely electronic music for the soundtrack.  It is one of the best Science Fiction films of the 50’s and a must see film for any true Science Fiction movie fan.  Please join us tat the Rogers Public Library Sunday to enjoy and discuss the best, the first, and the stellar variety of Science Fiction Cinema.