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Gale in Context: Biography

May 4, 2020

When doing a report online, it can be tough to find current, credible biographies on the world’s most influential and historical figures. Fortunately there is Gale in Context: Biography, a service available online with your Rogers Public Library card.

You’ll have access to a large database of famous figures from ancient history all the way up to the modern day. Whether you are looking for information on Plato, Martin Luther King Jr. or Wiz Khalifa, you can find it through Gale in Context: Biography. And best of all, it is continuously updated to ensure users have access to the very latest information!

Each figure has a brief biographical entry and quick facts, but also links you to other biographies, articles in academic journals, current news and magazine articles, primary resources, as well as audio, video and images that you can use to make a report stand out! Many of these resources would be hard to find, or even completely unavailable if you simply tried to google them. Plus, Gale in Context: Biography gives you citation help to make sure you have your sources properly cited.

Integrated with Google, users can save, share and download content from anywhere and on any device through G Suite for Education like Gmail, Classroom, Drive, Docs and more.

So if you’re looking to do a report that is both current and credible with a diverse range of sources, check out Gale in Context: Biography with your library card!