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Get in the Groove with Freegal Music

Mar 9, 2022

Your Rogers Public Library card gives you access to Freegal music, a (you guessed it!) free and legal way to listen to music digitally. Download the Freegal app or visit the website to start listening with no subscriptions, fees, or ads.

No matter what your “jam” is, Freegal has something for you. You can listen to some of the most popular, chart-topping hits (like the newest Adele or Lil Nas X albums) as well as an eclectic blend of things you may not expect (like Bulgarian Folk or Classic TV Themes).

Maybe you need to listen to hours of music each day? Do you need classics to fall asleep to or classic rock to practice for your next karaoke night? Freegal has three hours of streaming daily. That means all you need is an internet connection to listen. If you do want to listen on-the-go, you can download up to five songs a week to access regardless of internet connection. You can start building your download collection now!

You can access featured playlists by genre (like K-Pop and Broadway) or theme (Holiday Tunes and Pumpkin Spice Season Vol 3.) You can also create your own playlists that feature all of your favorites in one place or fit your needs (I’m looking at you, My Game Night Mix Part 1).

In addition to songs and albums, Freegal has a selection of music videos and audiobooks that may be hard to find anywhere else.

Download Freegal and use your Rogers Public Library card to start listening today.