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International Cat Day

Aug 17, 2022

Did you know that August 8 was International Cat Day? While this post may be a bit behind, in our book it’s never too late to celebrate Cat Day at the library! Here are some interesting facts that you might not know about these fuzzy felines:

– 70% of their lives are spent sleeping. That’s 13-16 hours a day!

– House cats are more like tigers than you’d think. They have a lot of habits in common like marking their territory, and they share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with their jungle cousins.

– Do you have a special cat in your life? When they slow blink at you, it’s like a kitty kiss. It means that they feel safe and comfortable enough around you to close their eyes.

– Just like humans, cats can have a dominant paw. Studies have shown that female cats tend to prefer their right paw while male cats tend to have a dominant left paw.

Want to learn more about cats or just look at cute pictures of them? Check out these books in our library:



The Cat Encyclopedia                  The French Cat                 Ghost Cats of the South

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