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New Year Resolutions

Jan 4, 2022

The New Year is a time for new beginnings and changes to life and routine. It’s a time when people make goals and set themselves tasks of self-improvement for the coming year. In 2022, what are you planning for your life? It may not even be a change that you’re making, but a choice to strengthen something that you already like about yourself. Whatever it is, the Rogers Public Library has help for you! For ideas and information to help with whatever you have planned, visit our building or check out our online offerings to browse a collection of books that could help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking for a new way to lose weight, a guide to meditation, or just general self-help ideologies and information, we likely have a book to fit you!

To search for specific topics, visit our website and use the keyword/subject search. Below are some popular topics that you might find useful:


Looking for some peace of mind?


A Rhythm of Prayer book cover

A rhythm of prayer : a collection of meditations for renewal edited by Sarah Bessey

Stress less, accomplish more : meditation for extraordinary performance by Emily Fletcher


Want a new job?

Job searching:

Knock em dead job search guide book cover

Knock ’em dead : the ultimate job search guide by Martin Yate, CPC

Diary of a job search book cover

Diary of a job search : one man’s journey from unemployment to a new career by Tim Johnston with Laura Lorber and Perri Capell


Want to get moving?


The No Sweat Exercise Plan book cover

The no sweat exercise plan : lose weight, get healthy, and live longer by Harvey B. Simon


Social media brain atrophy?

Brain and memory strengthening:

100 days to a younger brain book cover

100 days to a younger brain : maximize your memory, boost your brain health and defy dementia by Sabina Brennan

Ageless book cover

Ageless : the new science of getting older without getting old by Andrew Steele

Can’t find the topic you’re looking for? Talk to our librarians at the information desk, and they will be happy to help!