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November “What’s New?”

Nov 1, 2019

The Starless Sea follows the adventures of Zachary Rawlins, a graduate student who happens upon an especially curious book while studying in the library. Among the magical tales in that book, Rawlins inexplicably finds a story from his own childhood. Clues in the book lead him to a masquerade party that masks the doorway to an ancient library that is, itself, a doorway to other worlds. Uncover the magical world that Morgenstern, the author of The Night Circus, creates when The Starless Sea releases on November 5.

The Family Upstairs is the newest tale of suspense by Lisa Jewell, author of Then She Was Gone and Watching You , and will release on November 5. Right after her 25th birthday, Libby Jones receives the information she’s spent her whole life waiting for. At 10 months old, Libby was found alone with three dead bodies dressed in black. That mystery was never properly solved, but now Libby finally knows the identity of her birth parents as well as her surprising inheritance–their abandoned mansion in London. However, she and the mansion both have a mysterious past, and Libby may find more than she expects at her new home.

Scarlet Fever, the twelfth installment in Rita Mae Brown’s series following Sister Jane Arnold, features the beloved Sister trying to play matchmaker in addition to her role as the Master of Foxhounds for the annual Jefferson Hunt. Her machinations must be delayed, however, when a dead body is discovered. As Sister Jane races to solve the mystery of this unexpected death,  she uncovers a scam that may put even more people in danger. Find out if Sister Jane can solve the crime when Scarlet Fever arrives on November 26.

The Confession Club is Elizabeth Berg’s third book set in the fictional Mason, Missouri and revisits themes of friendship and community. After a startling confession from one of the friends at a monthly “supper club,” a group of friends in Mason finds they have gotten more than they bargained for in their monthly meals. Instead, the group becomes the titular Confession Club, a place where the friends can share secrets, shortcomings, and fears freely. By revealing the secrets they thought they must keep hidden in order to appear “normal” to even their friends, they are brought together precisely by the things they feared would tear them apart. Experience Berg’s depiction of the power of honesty and friendship when The Confession Club releases on November 19.

Kiss the Girls and Make them Cry, Mary Higgins Clark’s newest thriller, features Gina Kane’s investigations after she receives an anonymous message about the terrible working conditions at a well-known news network. Kane, an investigative journalist, has just begun her research when she learns that the young woman who had contacted her has died in a ski accident. Kane continues to pursue the story but is thwarted at each turn by Michael Carter—the counsel for the news station—as he tries to keep the station’s suspicious activities under wraps. When another death occurs at the station, it becomes clear that the initial whistleblower’s death was no accident at all. Find out if Kane is able to uncover the truth without putting herself in danger when Kiss the Girls and Make them Cry arrives on November 5.

These are just a few of the great new releases scheduled for this month. You can always come browse our New Arrivals collection for more books like these. If you are interested in joining the Bestsellers Club or placing holds on any of these items, please let us know.