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Picture eBook Recommendations on TumbleBook Library

Apr 17, 2020

Parents, if you’re tired of hearing, “Why do we have to stay home? … He started it! … I’m bored!”, then Tumblebook Library is the resource for you! We’ve compiled recommendations of picture eBooks to help your family get through this unexpected season together.

Many children (and parents) are feeling anxious about COVID-19 and how it’s affecting our world. Bibliotherapy, or healing with books, can help readers of all ages. Reading together is a useful tool to help parents:

– start important conversations with their children

– teach children coping and social skills

–  build children’s emotional intelligence

– strengthen parent-child relationship

Here are some online picture book read-alouds to help your child deal with change, siblings, boredom, and health:

Dealing with Change

Golden Threads – A favorite stuffed animal is lost in a storm, mended by a kind stranger, and later finds its way home. It’s okay to feel disappointed or nervous about change. We can also be thankful for what we have and look for ways to show love to the people around us.

Always – The pet dog is “keeper of the castle” and instills feeling of safety and worth in reader.

A Flock of Shoes – The main character experiences change as she grows out of her favorite summer shoes, growth, disappointment, and adjusting to a new normal.

Jessie’s Island – Jessie writes to her cousin about her special island home. This can help readers see how to value what they have without needing to compare.

Dealing with Peers/Siblings

Duck! Rabbit! – This story demonstrates perspective taking through a funny disagreement.

The Dot – Try new things. The message speaks to the power of encouragement.

Clever Rachel – This riddle-filled story shows readers the benefit of setting aside differences/jealousy to work together.

Me Too! – Children with copycat younger siblings can learn from the main character’s experience responding to her little sister with anger then empathy.

Angus All Aglow – It’s okay to have different interests. Be yourself, and find the people who appreciate you for you. This story is also a discussion starter for empathy.

Dealing with Health

Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo– This gross, silly story can give children a mental picture of how a virus spreads and remind them to wash their hands to avoid sickness. If your child is very anxious about the virus, you might skip this one. It could also help to clarify that precautions like handwashing are important, but children are not to blame if they or anyone else becomes ill.

Stretch by Doreen Cronin – Get your kids moving with this fun, rhyming guide! Stretching and aerobic exercise can help children manage anxiety as well as improve physical health.

Wash Your Hands – This is a TumbleTune children can sing to learn about the importance of washing their hands.

Dealing with Boredom

Bloom – Sometimes it takes hard, messy work to build something amazing. Keep at it even if others judge the process.

My Think-a-Ma-Jink – Imagine yourself out of boredom!

The Moon Ring – This magical story depicts strong family relationships and imagination to encourage positive imagery.

          Or any book in the TumbleBook Library!


Happy reading!