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#RogersReads2020: Read a Book about What You Wanted to “Grow Up To Be” When You Were a Kid

Sep 16, 2020

If you haven’t signed up for the #RogersReads reading challenge for 2020, now is the time! Click the #RogersReads image on the library website or use this link to begin logging your completed challenges and enter for monthly prizes! Each month, prizes will be awarded to two readers who enter a new book into their online log by the end of the month. If you complete all twelve prompts before February 2021, you will be entered for the grand prize that will be awarded at the end of the challenge.

Each month we will be highlighting one of the twelve reading prompts along with some ideas of titles that could fulfill that prompt. Share your own ideas and show off your progress by tagging us on social media with #RogersReads. Please remember that you can complete the #RogersReads prompts in any order using eBooks, audiobooks, or print copies of a title. We are excited to see what you select to fulfill this prompt!

Read a Book about What You Wanted to “Grow Up To Be” When You Were a Kid

We weren’t quite sure what you personally wanted to grow up to be, so we asked some of our staff members to explore some of the options. Titles like When I Grow Up by Julie Chen, When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic, and When I Grow Up by Mercer Mayer prove that this is a popular question. Below are some titles, both fiction and non-fiction, about what your library staff wanted to grow up to become.


The Kingdom Beyond the Waves by Stephen Hunt, King of the Dinosaur Hunters by Lowell Dingus, and 100 Great Archaeological Discoveries by Paul Bahn.


Fake Like Me by Barbara Bourland, How to Be an Artist by Jerry Saltz, and Acrylic: Do More Art by Rita Isaac.


Do You Dream of Terra-Two by Temi Oh, The Last Man on the Moon by Eugene Cernan, and Cosmos: The Infographic Book of Space by Stuart Lowe.

Consulting Detective

The Baker Street Letters by Michael Robertson, The Pinks: The First Women Detectives, Operatives, and Spies with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency by Chris Enss, and Conan Doyle for the Defense by Margalit Fox.


The Falcon at the Portal by Elizabeth Peters, Beneath the Sands of Egypt by Donald Ryan, and How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Mark Collier.


The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton, Crisis in the Red Zone by Richard Preston, and Inside the Outbreaks by Mark Pendergrast.


Moral Defense by Marcia Clark, The Best Lawyer in a One-Lawyer Town by Dale Bumpers, and My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor.


Paperback Writer by Stephen Bly, On Editing by Helen Corner-Bryant, and The Writer’s Complete Crime Reference Book by Martin Roth.

We are looking forward to a year full of challenging new reads with you!

Happy reading!


The rest of this year’s challenges are listed below with links, when possible, to suggestions that can fulfill them.

Read a book with “Bronze,” “Silver,” or “Gold” in the title.

Read a book set in the “Jazz Age” (1920s).

Read a book first published in the year you were born.

Read a book that includes a map.

Read a book with a title that is only one word.

Read a book that is the first in a series.

Read a book, fiction or non-fiction, about a historical figure.

Read a book someone you know dislikes.

Read a book from the Young Adult section.

Read a book that is not written in traditional prose.

Read a book that has a season in the title.

Read a book about what you wanted to “grow up to be” when you were a kid.