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Teen STEAM Night: Fix-It Café Pop-up

Mar 2, 2019

Fix-It Café is all about repairing instead of replacing. Fix-It Café is a group of volunteer tinkerers and engineers that will help you troubleshoot and -hopefully- repair your broken gadgets.

They encourage people to think twice about whether an object is repairable, rather than just throwing it away and buying a new one. Join us for a pop-up during Teen STEAM Night, Thursday, March 28th, 6:00PM at Rogers Public Library in the Friends of RPL Community Room.

Bring in your toys, lamps, small appliances, tools, mending – you name it! In general, if you can carry it in, they’ll see what they can do! There is no charge for troubleshooting or simple repair.

Limitations: If an item is still under warranty, please take advantage of that warranty. Troubleshooting often involves steps that void manufacturer’s warranties.
Alas, they do not have the depth of knowledge or appropriate tools for mobile devices/tablets, televisions, computers/laptops or data migration from these devices. These items/processes are best left to professionals!

Fix-It Café members are volunteers, doing this because they don’t want to see repairable items end up in a landfill. So, bring your broken gadgets and we’ll see what they can do!