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Teen Writers Group is Back

Nov 2, 2021

The Rogers Public Library Teen Writers Group is back: Live and In Person! If you are looking for a group that blends fun, discovery, peer support, and finding & following your own creative path, this is it.

For our November 13 meeting, we head outdoors, weather permitting, to explore negative space—in nature, in art, and in writing! It’s sure to present a new perspective. All creatives are welcome, so even if you aren’t a novelist, come on over and bring a friend.

Negative space is a concept familiar to artists. It is a perception that focuses not on the object itself, but on the space around and between objects. You’ve seen it in optical illusions and in logos (look closely at the FedEx truck the next time it drives by). You’ve seen it often in art like that of M. C. Escher and Andy Warhol.

We can try something similar when we are viewing the world around us. Instead of looking directly at a tree, for instance, look at the space around it. How does that affect your view of the tree? What about the space around the tree? Do you notice things you hadn’t before because you were focused on the tree? Does it change your perception when you reunify the elements within this space? Do you experience greater depth of vision within the reunified space?

This negative space way of looking at things is not only valuable in the visual arts. We can communicate this shift in perspective in wordsmithing as well. Here’s one great usage described by Geoff Livingston.

“Robinson succeeds because he fuels the imagination with negative space instead of robbing the reader of an imaginary journey. It’s the art of grabbing enough to draw, while hiding details so the reader can fill them in with their own opinions, hopes, views and beliefs. A story that grabs the reader engages them in a form of mental interaction, even if they are observing through straight-forward telling.”

If you want to explore more negative space writing, and you are age 13-18, join us at the Rogers Public Library Teen Writers Group. We’ll engage in some fun, hands-on activities to augment your own creative expression.

Where: Glotzbecker Room @ Rogers Public Library
When: November 13, 2 pm
What to bring: Yourself, your creativity, your favorite writing implements (laptop, pen & paper, whatever!), a friend!