#RogersReadsforKids! – Reading Challenge for Kids

#RogersReadsforKids! – Reading Challenge for Kids

Due to the success of our Adult #RogersReads program, we are happy to announce that for 2021, we are launching #RogersReadsforKids!  This will be a year long reading challenge for ages 0 to 12.  There will be 12 missions to complete: one for each month of the year.  Any child who completes all 12 missions will be entered into a grand prize drawing at the end of the year.  Any child who completes one mission each month will be able to pick up a small prize from the Children’s Library as well as be entered into a monthly prize drawing.


  • Must have a Rogers Public Library card
  • Cannot use the same book for multiple activities
  • Activities do not have to be completed in order
  • You can use an audiobook, ebook, or physical book!
  • Must be 0 – 12 years old
  • Parents reading with their child counts
  • 1 entry for each Monthly Drawing
  • 1 entry for the Final Drawing with completion of all 12 mission activities


  • Read a book with your favorite color in the title
  • Read a book published before you were born
  • Read a book of poetry or a novel in verse
  • Read a book set in a different country
  • Read a nonfiction book
  • Read a book with talking animal characters
  • Read a book, fiction or nonfiction, about a historical event
  • Read a book with a blue cover
  • Read a book that a family member loved when they were a kid
  • Read a book published in 2021
  • Read a graphic novel or comic book
  • Read a holiday themed book

To participate, stop by the Children’s Library to pick up a paper form, request one for curbside pickup, or register online at rpl.readsquared.com.  When logging your completed missions, make sure you fill in the “missions” space.  If you simply “log” your books, they will not show up as completed missions and therefore will not be entered into the drawings.  If you need assistance, please contact the Children’s Library staff at 479-621-1152 ext. 2.

We are looking forward to this new reading challenge for kids, and we hope to see you participating!

#RogersReads Reading Challenge

  1. Read a Non-Fiction book on a topic you don’t know much about
  2. Read a book picked from our display tables
  3. Read a book set in another country
  4. Read a book written by an Arkansas author
  5. Read a book featuring food
  6. Read a book with an “ugly” cover
  7. Read a short story collection
  8. Read a work published before 1980
  9. Read a book with your favorite color in the title
  10. Read a book suggested to you by RPL staff
  11. Read a book that’s won an award
  12. Read a book of poetry or novel in verse

“Love Your Library Month” is always celebrated in February, and Rogers Public Library is hosting a reading challenge for our patrons! Complete these twelve prompts by February 2019 and be entered in a drawing for a fantastic prize just in time for another Love Your Library month.

If you want to show off your progress on social media, tag us and use #RogersReads! We love seeing what people are reading!  We will be creating reading lists on Facebook and Tumblr to help you choose what book to read all throughout the year, so keep an eye out.

We’re excited to kick off our RPL reading challenge starting February 1, 2018.

Here’s a few rules regarding the challenge:
You must have a library card with Rogers Public Library to be able to participate. You may only enter once for the Final Drawing after completing all the challenges. You cannot use the same book for multiple challenges. You can use an audiobook, ebook, or physical book—it’s all reading! You do not have to complete these challenges in order; choose the one that sounds the most fun and go from there! As long as you complete the whole challenge, you will be entered in the Final Drawing.

We will also have monthly prize drawings. As you complete each monthly challenge, visit the library to show us the #RogersReads Reading Challenge sheet with the title listed under the challenge to be entered in that month’s drawing. Enter by the last day of each month. The 1st drawing will be March 1st.