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Books With A Royal Term In The Title

Jan 27, 2022

#RogersReads Reading Challenge 2022 
Sign up for this year’s reading challenge now and log at least one book by the end of January for the chance to win a monthly prize! Visit the ReadSquared website to create an account and begin fulfilling the reading challenge missions. This challenge is intended for patrons aged 18 and over, but we do have Reading Challenges available for younger patrons.
Stay tuned to our social media pages and this blog for tips to help complete these challenges and tag us with #RogersReads so we can see how you are doing!
Read a book with a royal term in the title.
We know that finding the book you need can be a royal pain. Do not fear. We are here to help! You could fulfill this challenge with any books including words like King, Queen, Prince, and Princess, but it could also include words like court, maid, and jester. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Marsh King's daughterThe river of kingsKing Zeno

Why not start at the top? The Marsh King’s DaughterThe River of Kings, and King Zero all have royalty in the title without actually being about anyone on a throne.

The queen's loverThe queen's governessQueen's gambit

When you are royalty, you have every right to be possessive, and boy do these queens love that possessive ‘S. Check out any of the many titles that follow this formula of being “The Queen’s ________.”

The emperor's childrenEmperor Mollusk versus the sinister brainEmperor of the Eight Islands

What if you rule an empire instead of a kingdom? The Emperor’s ChildrenEmperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister Brain, and Emperor of the Eight Islands.

American duchess : a novel of Consuelo VanderbiltBringing down the dukeThe Duke and I
American Duchess, Bringing Down the Duke, and The Duke and I are all romances that prove you do not have to be at the top of the royal line to find love.
The Lost Tudor Princess : the Life of Lady Margaret DouglasHarry : a biography of a princeNinety-nine glimpses of Princess Margaret
The princess diaristKing of the world : Muhammad Ali and the rise of an American heroDuke : the life and image of John Wayne
There are many nonfiction and biography books about royalty, and many have a title in the…well…title. Books like The Lost Tudor PrincessHarry: A Biography of a Prince, and Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret tell the tales of real-life royalty through the ages. Others, like The Princess Diarist, King of the World, and Duke, are about people who history treats like royalty regardless of bloodlines.
King Deadpool.Rat Queens.Princess Princess ever after
Don’t forget that you can read graphic novels to fulfill #RogersReads challenges as well! There are plenty to choose from, but King DeadpoolRat Queens, and Princess Princess Ever After are a few staff favorites. 
We are looking forward to a year full of challenging new reads with you!
Happy reading!

In 2022, read a book…