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The Ghost-est with the Most-est

Aug 3, 2022

#RogersReads Reading Challenge 2022 

Sign up now and log at least one book by the end of this month for the chance to win a monthly prize! Visit the ReadSquared website to create an account and begin fulfilling the reading challenge missions. This challenge is intended for patrons aged 18 and over, but we do have Reading Challenges available for younger patrons. Stay tuned to our social media pages and this blog for tips to help complete these challenges and tag us with #RogersReads so we can see how you are doing!

If any of these books catch your eye, click the image, and it will take you to our card catalog where you can reserve the item for pickup!

Read a book featuring a ghost.

This challenge asks you to read a book with a ghost in it. You may immediately think of scary stories, but there are plenty of options. Since ghosts are notoriously hard to locate, allow us to help guide you to the perfect ghostly book.

The drowning kind Heart-shaped box The deep

Spooky isn’t a great fit for everyone. However, it would be remiss to begin a post about ghosts with anything other than the spookiest ghost books we could find. If you are a horror fan, fulfilling this challenge should be pretty easy. Just leave the lights on at night!

The keeper of lost things : a novel Under the whispering door The dead romantics

If spooky isn’t your cup of tea, there are a shocking number of “cozy” books featuring ghosts. It’s not quite Casper, but these ghosts are just trying to find peace–not anyone to spook. They are more likely to become your “boo” than say it.

Hamlet A Christmas Carol (Calla Editions) The Turn of the Screw - Alma Books

If you are fan of “The Classics,” there are plenty of ghosts there too. Of course it would be the old books that are haunted!

The woman in black The haunting of Hill House Doctor Sleep: A Novel by Stephen King

Maybe you think you can handle the scares but not the suspense? These ghostly books have all been adapted into films or shows. That means these ghosts are likely familiar to you and not quite as scary.

Ghosts : a natural history : 500 years of searching for proof A haunted love story : the ghosts of the Allen House The haunting of Alma Fielding : a true ghost story

Books about haunted places or the study of the paranormal would also fulfill this challenge. If there’s a book about a nearby haunted house that has been haunting your TBR list, now is the time to put it to rest.

We are looking forward to a year full of challenging new reads with you!

Happy reading!

In 2022, read a book…